Rocketship Education is Changing the Way Your Children Learn

What is more important than your child’s education? If you are a parent, that question is probably difficult to answer. Our children’s education is one of the most important things to us. There are a ton of issues with education in the United States. This isn’t news to any of us. There is hope in the future, however. One group of schools, under the banner of Rocketship Education, is seeing outstanding results using a new and improved education system.

We all know that education uses metrics. This isn’t new. Your child is graded based on a static grade handed to them at the end of the year and it is supposed to show you how much they learned and how much they paid attention. The problem with this metrics system? It doesn’t show you if your child is actually learning.

Rocketship Education uses MAP. MAP is a metrics system that actually tracks children’s progress throughout the year instead of just handing them a static grade. MAP allows teachers to answer the important question of whether or not children are learning. Some children start behind, the most important aspect of education is improvement, and MAP seeks to show this.

The results? Well, they have been outstanding. Last year, 146 Rocketship students were behind a grade level and by the end of the year, all 146 were above a grade level. This means that not only did all the students catch up, all of them ended up ahead of where they were.

What is Rocketship Education? Rocketship Education is a system of schools that specialize in educating economically disadvantaged students (those who are most likely to be behind in education). Rocketship has been seeing outstanding results within their system of schools.

Using a smart metrics system and a highly motivated teaching staff, Rocketship is becoming one of the best charter schools in the world. Rocketship has proved that their system of education not only works, it works well.