Gareth Henry Speaks Out Against Hate Crimes

If there’s one thing that Gareth Henry is passionate about, it’s gay rights and for a good reason. He knows firsthand what it is like to have to endure persecution because of Gareth Henry ‘s sexual preference and he is doing all that he can to help those going through trials because they are gay and being persecuted.

Gareth Henry was forced to leave homeland of Jamaica because he was being persecuted and his life was even threatened simply because of his sexual preference. He fled to Canada where he is now the interim director of the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation. He also volunteers with the Rainbow Railroad which helps relocate people all over the world who are LGBTQ and desperately need to get out of their situations.

He can tell many terrifying stories of people who have been tortured and even killed simply because they were “different” or gay. Many have committed suicide, and he has lost 13 of his friends because of this epidemic mindset.

He has helped countless refugees to escape their horrible lives and to get a second chance at living a normal life despite what their sexual preferences may be. Gareth Henry knows that simply relocating people will not solve the problem but it is a start and will at least keep them safe in the meantime.

Many parts of the Caribbean including Jamaica have criminalized same-sex relationships since colonial rule, and advocacy groups are pushing for this to change. Jamaica has held its second LGBTQ Pride parade this year and the mayor of Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, even spoke out to offer support for the community. It’s a start, but there is much more that needs to be done and especially by the politicians.

Rainbow Railroad is a big part of the life of Gareth Henry, and he continues to not only help refugees but to also speak out against the persecution against same-sex relationships all over the world. Change needs to happen, and knowledge is a step in the right direction. Nothing will change if no one knows about what is happening.