EOS Lip Balm Has Single-Handedly Revived The Lip Care Market

Prior to 2007 there wasn’t much excitement coming out of the lip balm industry. Chapstix and Blistex had pretty much cornered the market. Enter EOS Lip Balm, and suddenly moist lips reignited the industry on a global scale. In the decade since, the company’s trademark egg-shaped globes, in a variety of eye-catching colors, have become a global phenomenon.

Co-founders Jonathon Teller and Sajiv Mehra brought EOS Lip Balm to market only after conducting substantial research. Early on, the company’s leadership made the prescient decision to expand slowly. This included a production apparatus that was adaptable to a variety of needs and wants on a global level.

The EOS Lip Balm founders saw a stagnant industry focused on unisex lip products, despite research showing that women purchased 80% of all lip balms. With the female consumer in mind, EOS Lip Balm focused on what these undervalued consumers actually wanted. What they learned would revolutionize the industry: women wanted a container that was easy to find in a crowded purse and did not require fingers for application.

The egg-shaped container was born. It was easy to find in a bag and could house an orb-shaped supply of EOS Lip Balm that could be applied to both lips simultaneously, no fingers necessary. It was appealing to look at and women enjoyed using it.

The company went one step further. Not only are the EOS Lip Balm containers nice on the eye, they are also nice to other senses as well. The containers are made from high-quality materials that are soft to touch, and the balms come in a variety of scents and flavors. To top it all off, EOS uses organic and natural products, appealing to ever more conscious consumers.

As the EOS Lip Balm product continues to expand, the company has been careful to manage growth and expectations. Company directors have also followed new and emerging marketing trends that appeal to millennials and their tech-savvy generation. Now a household name on par with older competitors, analysts credit EOS Lip Balm with powering the entire lip care market in recent years.