Betsy DeVos Puts Her Stamp on Education System

Betsy DeVos has definitely been a masterful leader in the business world, but now she is flexing her muscle in the world of education. She is the Secretary of Education, and I think that she is going to be a good one because she comes into the office with her own ideas.


She is not a naysayer that it’s looking to see what everyone else is trying to do. She is not someone that comes in as a figurehead that has absolutely no clue about what she is trying to accomplish. To the contrary, Betsy DeVos is a leader that has been able to totally transform the way that people look at the education system. Everyone is not going to know much about charter schools, but Betsy DeVos has a desire to change that. She wants people to know about charter schools and how this form of education works. She wants people to be much better equipped with the way that they can improve on educating their children.


It is going to make a big difference for people to actually take the time to learn more about the education system. This is really the only way that anyone can be more engaged in the life of their children.


Betsy DeVos has done something great by giving a lot of money to the education system. Betsy and her husband Dick DeVos have put millions of dollars into education in Michigan and beyond. I believe that much of her desire to give back has to do with her own privilege and the way that she has been raised with a higher standard. Betsy DeVos knows that there are a lot of people that did not have this type of privilege in their own lives. She wanted to give hope to those that may not have had the chance to get the same type of education that she received growing up. This is all part of her desire to give back.


It definitely makes sense to expand the education system to include more charter schools because the learning is different in these environments. The parents are more engaged in these environments. It’s going to take this type of engagement in education for the system to thrive again. Betsy knows that it’s going to take more than someone that is throwing money at the system. She realizes that there is a greater need for parents to be involved as well. This is what she plans to do with the charter school systems. This is the way that she wants to revamp the public school system. She wants parents to be just as enthused and involved as the educators. She knows that this will transform minds.


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Unique Company Culture Established By Dr. Chris Villanueva

MB2 Dental is not the usual dental company. In this dental company, they usually focus on personal growth, support, autonomy and having fun together as workmates. This comes from the company’s founder, Dr. Chris Villanueva. They usually take trips together as workmates and the retreats that they are critical and they are part of the culture that they have at MB2 Dental. These retreats are beneficial because the dentists can develop friendships with them and grow together professionally and personally. The most recent retreat they had was in Cancun, Mexico where the doctors went with their wives for four days. This culture is unique to MB2 Dental and is not found in any other company. This culture is founded on the principle that doctors can accomplish more when they work together than when they work independently. He has more than 78 affiliated companies and 533 employees in different states, and this helps the dentist have successful practices while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. This is possible because MB2 deals with all the micromanagement aspects like billing, recruitment, and accounts among others and this helps them focus on providing the best care to their patients.

The idea that Dr. Villanueva had started after he graduated dental school and could not decide between joining a practice and starting his private practice but neither of the options offered him what he wanted. He wanted both aspects of being in a large practice and having the latest technology and having his private practice so that he could be independent of bureaucracy. He started MB2 Dental which is perfect because it is a mix of both and where they “put the doctors, therefore the patients first.”

Since it started, the company has grown a lot, and as it continues to grow, its affiliates can strengthen the bonds that they have with one another, and they continue growing their network so that MB2 Dental can continue shining in all its power. MB2 Dental believes that there is a bigger picture to the management rather than focusing on the profit one makes. They focus on growing holistically and provide support to each other throughout the country. This improves the practice for the benefit of both the patient and the doctors they are also able to come up with priorities and stick with them, and in this process, they are able to grow and also foster different innovation ideas among themselves.

End Citizens United Exposes Big Business Trying to Strong Arm the Healthcare Vote

In response to a 2010 Supreme Court decision addressing Citizens United vs. F.E.C., a new group felt compelled to counter what was a dramatic altering of the election landscape in the United States. End Citizens United viewed the ruling to have potentially devastating consequences to the way campaign funds are legally given to candidates. According to Citizens United vs. F.E.C., large corporations were considered individual people. What little accountability and transparency that did exist, was seen as obliterated by this ruling. In March 2015, the End Citizens United Political Action Committee was formed on the platform; it’s time to fight back.



Influenced by Dollars?


Their efforts to battle against the hidden, secret agenda of big corporations jumped into the spotlight last week. As the US Senate squabbles over healthcare legislation, it was discovered that Republican Senator Dan Heller had received over $8 million in donations from powerfully wealthy groups who benefit from the repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act. The investigation has uncovered even more instances of huge donations being gifted to conservative lawmakers in an effort to persuade their vote.



These situations are more publicly visible due to the massive exposure that the healthcare issue has received. What troubles End Citizens United as much, is all the situations that are not given the same focus in the public spotlight. How many more issues of dollars for votes are happening because there are no proper safeguards in place to stop them?



Election Financing Done the Right Way?


End Citizens United cited this as just one of many blatant examples of how the 2010 Supreme Court ruling was allowing big business to manipulate politicians. This money is not openly transparent like the $4 million recently generated by the End Citizens United PAC. Keeping with their promised commitment to oppose corporate money influencing elections, the group projects to raise as much as $35 million from transparent individual donors.



These donors have collectively felt as if the system as it stands today is purposefully rigged in favor of big corporations. The ruling pretty much insists that whoever can write the biggest check has the most influence on the political process. The system as it operates currently, is against the idea of true American democracy at its core.


As ironic as it might seem, one of the biggest decisions from the US government over the last quarter century, affects more Americans financially than most any other. It has also exposed the unscrupulous side of political donations, especially how a lack of transparency allows certain players to wretch control of decisions by stuffing legislators pockets with money. End Citizens United is attempting to show the country how campaign finances should be properly secured, removing the shroud of secrecy that has clouded our nation since the ruling was handed down in 2010.

Tips And Tricks From Sawyer Howitt’s Racquetball Career That Could Help Amateurs Upgrade

Sawyer Howitt is a highly driven young business man who works at the Merriweather Group as a project manager. He has displayed his impeccable understanding of the financial operations of a business in his tenure as well as the advisory that he freely offers entrepreneurs.

Sawyer Howitt understands the United States’ business market by location and has eight top cities that he recommends any start up to consider for operation. Sawyer maintains a holistic lifestyle despite his tight business schedule and enjoys playing racquetball at a professional level.

Racquetball is an admirable sport that many people enjoy engaging in as a hobby. It is however a little tough rising to become a successful racquetball athlete because few has been shared regarding the sport’s tricks.

To become a professional player like Sawyer Howitt, there are a few layouts one could consider while on and off the field.

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The first crucial and often dismissed step happens entirely in the mind. Any prospective athlete ought to figure out why they have an interest in rising to become professional. Stating the desired end goal is one stimulating way to keep the eyes on the price. Such could be a pursuit of wealth, meaning the sport should be treated like a business. Setting and strictly following a realistic plan with the help of a coach will lead to manifestation of the target. An excellent coach will have an impressionable portfolio, even if it means sourcing him or her from another location.

Regular practice will sharpen the physical competitiveness and add to the overall performance. Another often ignored facet is the revenue source for a prospective racquetball player. While some may pursue the game during off-work hours, the most successful candidates dedicate their time to enhancing their skills. However, the route will still require a source of income which could be collected from getting jobs such as coaching amateur racquetball players and advertising company products.

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