Tour Shibuya Kim Dao and Chris Okano And Learn More About Kim’s European Getaway

There’s a lot going on in Kim Dao’s life right now. If you want to know the latest on Kim Dao’s plans for the future of her YouTube channel, then you have to watch one of her latest vlogs. This important vlog is entitled “Future travels & Hanging out in Shibuya ft. Chris Okano.”Learn more :


At the beginning of the video, Kim Dao says she’s packing up all of her things to move back to Australia. Kim says she plans on uploading a vlog every single day for the next few weeks. She also says that she will go on a seven week-long trip to Europe very soon.Learn more :


A few of the cities on Kim Dao’s European travel itinerary include Berlin, London, Florence, Copenhagen, and Prague. She says if any of her fans live in those cities that they should let her know. She might plan a few meetups in these great European cities.


Next, Kim Dao says she is going to meet with Chris Okano later in the day. Even though they fought a bit when filming travel videos together in the past, she says she loves Chris just like a big brother now.


Kim Dao meets Chris at a sukiyaki restaurant called Nabezo. The two enjoy some quality time together as they cook their hot pot meal.


After dinner, Kim Dao films all around Shibuya during nighttime. Before heading home, she films her final goodbye with Chris. Kim also does a bit of shopping at Don Quijote.Learn more :


At home, Kim Dao does a mini “shopping haul” for her viewers. A few items she purchased include four cans of matcha latte, water, a fan, and assorted dried foods.Learn more :

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